As with anything else, you’re taking your chances if you let your fingers do the walking through the yellow pages, and I suppose we could add that in these more modern times, you’re taking at least as big a risk if you let your fingers do the ‘Googling’ through the web pages. That’s not to say it isn’t a good idea to check the website of the malpractice attorney you are considering to represent you, but there are better ways to find a malpractice attorney, especially if you’re looking for one in as densely a populated attorney area as New York.

In order to obtain a list of viable and relevant attorneys in New York, one of the best places to start is at your local town or city hall.  If, perhaps, you’re searching for a local attorney in New York City, call the city hall and obtain a list.  Another option would be to visit the local library, whose stacks will contain legions of periodicals and journals published by attorneys.  The public library can also be used as an invaluable method of narrowing down potential choices, based on trial history.

One specific organization of New York lawyers is the New York State Bar Association.  The group is a who’s who of attorneys in the state, and they be able to provide some valuable insight.

Lastly, another excellent organization in New York is the New York Lawyers for the Public Interest.  The NYLPI is an organization of lawyers that represent under-funded victims to obtain proper compensation.  The NYLPI is may be a good starting point for your search for a New York malpractice attorney because of their focus on health justice.

As for individual, accomplished lawyers in New York, you may want to start with these few:

  • Fitzgerald and Fitzgerald
  • Oshman and Mirisola
  • Andrew Lavatt Bluestone
  • Gerald M. Oginski

Remember, there is no better place to start than from a referral from a trusted acquaintance.  Ask around and don’t rush into any decisions!